February 10th

February is flying by! The days are getting a bit brighter and things are looking up.

Next month also marks my BDay were I’ll be 27 years old. Damn. I’m not exactly a birthday person but I have so much on my wish list. This year I’ve decided that I’m just going to treat myself and buy myself a few presents.

In the January sales, I bought myself a pair of Adidas Superstars, which are currently hiding in my wardrobe waiting for their debut. Eek!

I’m also crushing on the NARS Wanted palette, after seeing @katiejanehughes rock it in one of her Insta posts, I was like 😍 😍 😍

Divine, right?

Next on my wishlist are a few pieces from River Island, this apple green coat is perfect for the change of season and would look so cute with a pink jumper or t-shirt. Eek! Here are some of the other finds that I love from RI at the mo.

Untitled design (2)

Green coat
Jewelled earrings
White shirt
Black boots 

The last thing I want to do in March is to hop to a hot country. Spain, I’m looking at you!

Going up 

  • I, Tonya is worth the watch, Margot Robbie is beyond talented
  • Dolly Alderton’s and Ruby Tandoh’s new books look delicious! 
  • The Greatest Showman soundtrack is highly addictive
  • M&S pancakes are a great cheat if you can’t be asked to make your own 
  • Frankie and Grace S4 tickled me so much, every year I think how are they going to top this?
  • Ben’s Cookies (the peanut butter one hits the spot everytime

Going down 

  • My make-up collection, noting excites me
  • Spots and stripes – in little amounts yes, together no 
  • Instagram – I spent over 13h on the app (according to my battery data. Eek!
  • This is Us – the last few episodes of S2 have been slightly underwhelming for me. Sterling K Brown though is still awesome.